After the white wedding

So what happens after the wonderful white wedding? After all the excitement of your special day and the smitten romance and relaxation of the honeymoon? You then begin the new and wonderful chapter of your lives as an officially married couple and spend the next few months just fitting into your new ‘shoes’ of marriage so to speak. Wearing them in and discovering the enjoyments of married life and starting with shared plans and dreams for the future.

Before you know it, one year would have passed and it is time for your very first wedding anniversary. The traditional gift and symbol of your first year together is that of paper and is said to represent the delicate nature of a young marriage but can also denote the acquisition of knowledge. A paper gift is the most inexpensive but can be a little bit tricky especially as you would like it to be lasting for your cherished partner.

We were really happy to help out Greg- who wanted to get something really special for his wife Jessica on their first year anniversary. After a few emails, telephone calls and brain storming sessions about what his wife Jessica likes and loves we agreed to help him by creating a paper bunch of flowers, some paper cones (for sweets and treats), some paper pin wheels and a greeting card. Greg had booked a surprise weekend away for his darling wife and was looking forward to surprising her with these gorgeous paper gifts and a special message in a bottle from himself.

With Jessica’s love for vintage prints especially those of a ‘botanical’ nature, we choose neutral and natural paper colors and used vintage bird species prints and hand-drawn botanical plant images and information texts.

Ideas and Inspirations for 1st year anniversary gifts made of paper include: