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Posted on: October 14th, 2019 by Kimberley

A couple so in love, down to earth & just so much darn fun!

We first met Angelo when he asked us to help set-up some decor & arrange some striking floral pieces, for a surprise engagement party that he had planned for his ‘Duchess’ SharnĂ©. (was all very hush hush & quite exciting!) From the start we could see that nothing would be too much for her, nothing but the best would enough for his beautiful fiance.

What started with the engagement party, naturally flowed into us doing the floral styling & decor for the couples wedding & how so very thrilled we were to be working with them again!

The stunning Cranford country lodge & wedding venue’s ‘Great Room’ could not have been a better choice, SharnĂ© envisioned a Family Feast, Royal Court setting with lots of candlelight & an ultimately all-round magical feeling for her big day.
Greenery & Floral runners, blush & burgundy floras & of course beautiful locally sourced Proteas finished off the arrangements perfectly, not to forget the stunning rose gold elements with a touch of glass.

Thanks to The Shank Tank for the stunning pics & Cranford Country Lodge for being an amazing venue.

VENUE: Cranford Country Lodge


Posted on: September 17th, 2019 by Kimberley

An international romance! <3
No matter where you come from, or how you look at it, this amazing couple are just meant to be!

Rob & Jorge : such a super fun couple, with so much love for each other, that it can’t help but overflow! …making everyone around them (including the wedding service suppliers) feel so loved & appreciated! Thank you!

Jorge from Cuba & Rob from South Africa, both now live in Australia together. Where they planned their wedding from afar.
A wedding where the main focus was family & spending time with loved ones from all around the world.

Proteas, mixed dried seed pods, floras & grasses, combined with natural South African greenery & fynbos varieties transformed into wild & striking arrangements. The gold elements tied in beautifully with the chosen pinks & natural colours.

Venue: The Naturally Beautiful Champagne Castle Hotel

Photography: Oh so Talented Jacki Bruniquel

Yummy Mummy Baby Shower

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012 by kablooeymonsters

Natural Nostalgia was really happy to be asked to provide the decor and eats for a yummy mummy kitchen tea party on Sunday. In true style of the mummy-to-be (Kim Coppen Watkins) we celebrated her favourite colour – LEMON YELLOW. With the first days of spring upon us and with lemon trees in our garden laden with fruit it made perfect sense to make the most of this abundant period. To add some extra colour we threw in a bit of lime green and bright blue to celebrate the soon to be birth of her little boy.

For table decor we used vintage blue, green and brown suitcases to create height with a birdcage filled with fresh jasmine. Vintage books were stacked up all around with quirky white ceramic owls for some cute fun. Slices of fresh cut lemon filled giant mason jars and other vintage cookie, biscuit and candle tins were scattered around. Large yellow and blue lanterns were suspended above the table creating the perfect ambience of spring and joy along with darling blue and yellow flowered and lace bunting. Our favourite vintage kitchen scale was piled high with yummy eats too and paper pin-wheels were scatted around the table. Old Coca-Cola crates stacked together created the perfect cake stand.

No party would be complete without a good beverage and some yummy delights so home-made lemonade was served in a giant glass bowl with mason jars for glasses. Beautiful yellow and blue cupcakes with stripes, hearts and pokka-dots and sweet yellow cake pops were made by Paula Erskine. Plus a delicious lemon meringue pie and a zesty lemon cake were made by Esme’s. Delightful yellow macaroons were pilled high on the kitchen scale and were made by Daniela’s.

After tea and lots of yummy eats – those who wanted a G&T or a spiked version of the lemonade got into the festive spirit and the evening ended with the boys joining in on the fun with Kim’s husband Graeme Watkins, family and friends. Overall it was a huge success and everyone loved the unique and different vintage decor. We wish Kim and Graeme all the best as they look forward to the birth of their lovely little boy! x