Andrew & Tammy

Andrew & Tammy Tie The Knot @ Cranford Country Lodge – 16 November 2013

We were really pleased to assist Tammy & Andrew with the decor and flowers for their wedding day. Tammy wanted something unique, something different and a little bit quirky. We decided on a woodsy wedding theme filled with crawling ivy, moss-covered wooden pieces, mossy flowers, succulents, potted ferns, herbs and field-picked daisies….

In an unusual manner all the items worked together well in the beautiful midlands country setting. Using lots of common daisy varieties, pastel pink flowers, ferns and moss we created an elegant yet woodsy type wedding filled with interest, delight and detail.

For the bridal bouquet we used a collection of common daisies with a matching dainty daisy head wreath. For the maids we included some touches of soft pink and we just adore the cute little head girl wreath.

For the ceremony we lined the aisle with colourful gumboots filled with daisies with a fruit crate overflowing with soft pink flowers….

At the drinks reception – the cutest little cakes with hedgehogs and an amazing cake topper of the bride and groom with a bicycle. All were stacked on big slices of wood. We used our vintage bicycle and stuffed the basket full of daisies with hanging bottles, watering can with daisies and quaint blackboard signs & a cute note station with postbox…

For the guest seating plan we used a collection of herb crates stuffed with herbs with name┬ácards on sticks – so lovely.

On the guest tables we used a variety of interesting decor and flowers. Firstly a terranium type fern with soil and stones in a glass vase. Together with glass bell jars with pink flowers, berries, foliage and dark moss for the edges. Plus a rustic grey tin jug filled with daisies and not forgetting a baby bell jar with strawberries and berries. The table numbers were wooden and surrounded by grey moss.The place settings meant each guest had their own wooden slice with mossy bark edges to place their plate.

And we love the guest favours – sweets in a cute country style jar…

For the main table we used similar decor and flowers but included lots of creeping ivy for a forest earthy feel.